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Work experience

The Internships Development Team was set up to help you access appropriate work placements

The Internships Development Team

The Internships Development Team focuses on helping you to recognise the contribution work experience makes to your employability. They also scan vacancies for gaps in internship and work experience opportunities, working with organisations in under-represented sectors to fill these gaps. They provide managed programmes to support students and graduates in accessing opportunities appropriate for them, including a work experience bursary to promote and assist students who have secured unpaid placements or volunteering. These bursaries go a long way in many cases, third year chemistry student Jack Hardiman is one grateful recipient.

“Without the work experience bursary I would have had no way of paying for travel and expenses necessary to complete my financial services internship in Liverpool. Thanks to the support I have received from the PLU I have now discovered a career path that I am passionate about and have added valuable experience to my CV."

Make sure you tell your story and record your experiences for future employers.

Did you also know?
  • Between December 2012 and January 2015, the University placed 208 graduates in paid graduate internships across the UK, with 60-70% of graduates going on to roles linked to their internship, or secured directly through their new contacts and experience.
  • Warwick is also the only non-Australian University to provide an environmental sustainability educational programme. In partnership with Monash University, Warwick has previously offered the Green Steps programme aimed at developing the skills of participants to affect environmental change, and now ring-fences part of the Warwick Undergraduate Internship Programme (WUIP) to address sustainability issues.