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Untitled (Sail Loft - East End of London) by Ghisha Koenig

Untitled (Sail Loft - East End of London) by Ghisha Koenig
Accession Code: wu0598
Title: Untitled (Sail Loft - East End of London)
Date completed: 1981
Medium: Drawing
Location Name: Modern Records Centre
Location Description:

Ghisha Koenig is perhaps best known for her relief sculptures in bronze and terracotta. Much of her work takes as its subject the working lives of people in factories. She was part of the generation of artists like George Chapman, Prunella Clough and Joseph Herman who, in the immediate post-war period, believed that ordinary working people should be celebrated and commemorated by artists. Ghisha Koenig expressed her concerns as "the dignity of man" and "the trapped nature of human beings".

The style of drawing perhaps reflects her training under Henry Moore at the Chelsea School of Art immediately after the war. The concentration on simple shapes is reminiscent of his drawings of people in the shelters during the war.

The inscription is to Cyril Barrett, Jesuit priest, friend to many artists and one of the founders of the Philosophy Department at the University of Warwick.