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Gillian Carnegie

Born 1971.

Gillian Carnegie graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1998 and was immediately selected for the exhibition 'New Contemporaries' which showcases the best graduate work in the UK. She compounded her success with a nomination for the Turner Prize in 2005.

Her subject matter is that of traditional fine art: portraits, landscapes, still lifes. They become strangely unsettling images as she creates an interplay between the medium which makes the image and the image itself. Ultimately, they become works about art rather than about her subjects.

Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 01
Coney (from Ponoka portfolio)
Black Square (from Ponoka portfolio)
Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 04
Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 05
Maze (from Ponoka portfolio)
Hotel (from Ponoka portfolio)
Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 08
Green Mountain (from Ponoka portfolio)