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Gillian Carnegie

Born in Suffolk, UK 1971.

Gillian Carnegie studied at Camberwell School of Art (1989-1992) (B.A. Hons) and the Royal College of Art (1996-1998) (MA).

Carnegie is a contemporary artist whose paintings appear to belong to the traditional categories of still life, the human figure, landscape and portraiture. They display a highly accomplished technique but go beyond the limits of representation to convey an atmosphere of underlying emotion or hidden stories. They become strangely unsettling images as she creates an interplay between the medium which makes the image and the image itself. Ultimately they become works about art rather than about her subjects.

She received early recognition when, on graduating from the RCA in 1998, she was selected for inclusion in the New Contemporaries ‘98 exhibition in London; since then she has exhibited regularly in the UK and abroad with solo shows in London (1999, 2009), New York (2000, 2004, 2007, 2011), Cologne (2004, 2009, 2013) and Dublin (2008, 2009). In 2005 she was nominated for the Turner Prize.

Public collections in which she is represented include the Cranford Collection, London; the Tate Gallery, London; Arts Council Collection; the Government Art Collection and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 01
Coney (from Ponoka portfolio)
Black Square (from Ponoka portfolio)
Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 04
Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 05
Maze (from Ponoka portfolio)
Hotel (from Ponoka portfolio)
Untitled (from Ponoka portfolio) 08
Green Mountain (from Ponoka portfolio)