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People Picturing Coventry

People Picturing Coventry is an exhibition within an exhibition.

In response to, and inspired by the Hannah Starkey exhibition at Mead Gallery from 15 January - 12 March 2011, we want you to photograph a ‘space in Coventry’ with a person or persons in that space.

Images should tell a story; they are a lingering snippet of time that makes the viewer question what has just happened? What is about to happen? Why are these people here? What are they doing? How has the image been composed? Why has it been set up that way?

Photographs can be of any room or outside space in Coventry that, for you, sums up Coventry, from its architecture to a personal point of view.  Consider both interior and exterior spaces such as the cathedral ruins, empty shop windows, or the mirrored window of the Telegraph office. Please remember to ask permission for the owner first!)  Hannah Starkey selects people to occupy her carefully constructed settings.  Choose your subjects so that they have a particular relationship with the place.

Photographs must be a response to Hannah Starkey’s work – not a copy.  The images should be standard 7x5 prints on matt photographic paper. Clearly marked on the back of the image, should be the title, artist name, date of photograph.

Entries will be accepted from 14 November 2010 and throughout the exhibition.  They will be added to the wall outside the Mead Gallery as they arrive.

Hannah Starkey will be offering a small, signed print as a prize for the work she likes best.  The winner will be notified at the close of the exhibition on 11 March 2011, and will be listed with their image on the website.

For reference to Hannah Starkey’s work please visit,

For more information please contact Emma O’Brien on 024 76524732,

email: Or visit

Please send pictures to:

Emma O’Brien, Mead gallery, Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL