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Vision and purpose

Investing in the future

We're focussed on generating profit so that Warwick can invest in achieving its strategic vision and objectives and operate at its size, scale and ambition.

As well as this we strive to be transparent and ethical. Its important to deliver significant lasting societal impact beyond our own business activities.

Being customer focussed is also key. Many CCSG businesses respected and award-winning within their own professional industry sectors.


Our core purpose covers three main areas:

  • Develop and deliver better and easily accessible services.
  • Grow surpluses to support the University.
  • Exemplify the effective ways in which we achieve this.


The decisions we make are underpinned by fundamental priorities.

  • Surplus generation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service excellence
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Collaborative working


Our products and services help to support the University of Warwick strategy.

  • Innovation
  • Inclusion
  • International
  • Regional leadership