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Meals and Snacks

Nursery Meals

The Nursery provides a two course hot lunch every day. All meals are freshly prepared and cooked on the day of consumption by Cupcakes Early Years Catering . Ingredients and produce used are, as far as possible, locally sourced. Individual dietary needs can be met with a variety of alternative dishes. Cupcakes Early Years Catering alternate between an autumn & winter menu and a spring and summer menu.

Please note that Nursery does not provide breakfast. All children should have eaten before arriving at Nursery.


We will provide children with drinks and snacks throughout the day.

At about 3.30pm we also provide "tea": this will also be provided by Cupcake Early Years Catering.

Fresh fruit will be served with the mid morning snack and afternoon tea.

Babies' Bottles

We have a dedicated 'milk kitchen'. Parents are able to bring a measured amount of baby formula and clean bottles into nursery for staff to make up feeds as required. Alternatively, you can bring in ready made up bottles.