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The rooms for the different age ranges

We are registered for 78 children aged between 3 months and 5 years. Each room is dedicated towards a particular age range with activities planned to meet the abilities and interests of the children. The Nursery has five rooms:

  • a dedicated baby room for 6 babies with milk kitchen - the Red room;
  • 2 larger baby rooms each able to accommodate up to 12 babies, with nappy changing and toilet facilities - the Blue and Orange rooms;
  • a 24 place room for two and three year-olds - the purple room;
  • and a 24 place pre-school room - the green room.

Our Babies

Our dedicated baby unit has areas for floor play, messy play, feeding and sleeping.

A team of qualified Early Years Practitioners work specifically with the babies, building relationships with both baby and parent so that both feel happy and confident in our care. The staff take special care to ensure that wherever possible, baby's home routine is followed closely to ensure continuity of care. We consult with parents at all times on matters such as feeding, weaning, potty training and sleep patterns.

Our Two Year Olds

When a child is ready (usually around their 2nd birthday) we gradually introduce them to the 2-3s room, where they will play and socialise with other 2 year olds as well as some of the 3 year olds.

Here the atmosphere is a little more structured but the emphasis is still very much on having fun.

The children have the opportunity to explore role-play, messy play, puzzles, games, books, stories and music. We encourage them to think, consider, solve problems, be independent and become confident in their own abilities.

Our Pre-Schoolers

In their final year with us, after their 3rd birthday, and as they progresses on to being 4, their day becomes slightly more structured to support children’s learning along the stepping stones in the Learning and Development strand of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Here the emphasis is still very much on play and the enjoyment of play often masks the fact that learning is taking place. The children continue to experience the full range of activities you would expect to see in a nursery but in addition we are also able to use some of the campus facilities to further support their learning. Here we are supporting the children to learn the skills they will need when they begin school; as well as basic literacy and numeracy skills we also help them to develop good listening, sharing, co-operating and independence, skills so that their transition into school is as smooth as we can possibly make it.