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Oculus Screens Specification and Templates

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Regular Content

Each day, the Oculus Screens show a playlist of varying content. Sometimes the screen is taken over for specific events, such as open days, family days, graduation, conferences.

This screen is only available during term time.

Regular Content includes: wayfinding and energy information, building notifications and activities and events.

Images and Video can be displayed on the screen. There is no audio available on the Oculus Screens.

Acceptable Creative Types

  • Video (no audio)
  • Images/PDFs
  • Tweet Walls

Tweet Wall

We can display URL Twitter Walls that are moderated by a member of your team. We just need you to provide the display URL and proof of moderation.

Available at an extra cost.

Format for Content

Because of the different layouts of the Oculus Screens, available in three options:

  1. 4 Portrait Screens
  2. Full Screen
  3. 3+1 Screens

Videos should be provided in MP4

Images should be provided in PNG, JPEG or PDF.

Booking Process

Once you have suitable content (whether part of the default playlist or event takeover) please get in touch with us via the form linked below.

We will check suitability and availability and advise on next steps as soon as possible.

Content Specification

Option 1: 4 Portrait screens

In this mode the 4 screens operate independently from one another, showing content in Portrait.

Each screen operates on its own and content does not play in sync. If you would like all of the screens in the video wall to show content together, please see option 2 on the following page.


9:16 or 2160 X 3840px (UHD)

Films / Animations

9:16 or 2160 x 3840 (UHD)

Option 2: Full screen

In this mode some content is lost behind the frames between each of the screens.

The combined width of the 4 screens is longer than the standard 16:9. This means when content is created at a 16:9 or 3840 X 2160px the top and bottom of the content is cut off.

Use the transparent Overlay linked under Templates at the top of the page to show which areas will be visible on the screen. Anything covered by the red area will not show.


16:9 or 3840 X 2160px (UHD)

Films / Animations

16:9 or 3840 X 2160px UHD (no audio)

Option 3: 3 + 1 Screens

In this mode, three screens work together to create a 16:9 display and one screen forms a portrait display.

Both displays operate on a separate playlist so can show different content.

Use the Overlay linked above to show which areas will not be visible within the left 3 screens.

First three screens (landscape)


16:9 or 3840 X 2160px (UHD)

Films / Animations

16:9 or 3840 X 2160px (UHD)

Fourth screen (portrait)


9:16 or 2160px X 3840px (UHD)

Films / Animations

9:16 or 2160 x 3840px (UHD)

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