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Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Trans Awareness Guide

To inform and promote awareness and understanding of trans-related topics, to better support colleagues and students.

Safe Overseas Travel Guide

The guidance aims to make staff aware of potential risks they could encounter when travelling abroad on behalf of the University due to identifying with one or more protected characteristics.

LGBTUA+ Role Models

This guide tells the stories of a small group of LGBTUA+ persons made up of students, staff and alumni who have chosen to share their experiences of Warwick with you. Everyone deserves to to feel safe and supported in their work and studies, and this guide aims to demonstrate that you most certainly can at the University of Warwick.

Warwick WIDE Events

Throughout the academic year, we aim to host a number of topical talks and presentations from guest speakers. The talks are often based on personal experience, providing real insight into the lives of others. Previous talks have included: dementia, cancer support, autism and still birth awareness. All staff and students are invited to attend.

If you have any ideas you have seen that you think would be great to have here at Warwick, let us know via email


Trans Web Portal

A hub of resources and guidance for staff and students.

LGBTUA+ Supporters

Have you seen any rainbow lanyards around campus? Then chances are you've met one of the growing number of LGBTUA+ Supporters, who have committed to promote an open and inclusive environment for all staff and students.

Working, Learning, Living: Share your story

This booklet was inspired by the Royal Society of Chemistry's "Parent | Carer | Scientist" Project. It features staff at Warwick who tell their personal stories of working, learning, living. Let us know if you would like to feature in the next booklet.

Diversity Calendar

Each academic year we produce a calendar featuring images that staff and students have submitted. The theme is "Diversity through the lens of a camera" . Submit your images now for the 2018/19 calendar.