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External groups or individuals submitting feedback or complaints

If you are a member of the public who wishes to provide feedback or make a complaint about any area of University service that you have recieved please take the following steps:

  • Stage 1: Frontline / Local Resolution

If your comment involves a specific feedback or complaint, you should call the general departmental enquiries number or email as listed on the appropriate departmental website. Some University departments specifically provide guidance on their departmental websites about giving feedback or making a complaint. If your feedback is of a general nature and/or you are not aware of a more direct or local route to provide it, please do use the University's General Feedback Form. This form is not to be used for complaints, however, but your views (compliments or concerns) on the University's services or operations for which you are not expecting a response or action in relation to your particular case.

  • Stage 2: Formal Departmental Investigation and Resolution

If after communicating your concerns to the relevant department you feel that the issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction in a timely way and you wish to complain you should complete a Stage 2 External Complaint Form. Typically this complaint will be considered by the relevant Head or DIrector of the Department unless there has been a prior involvement in the complaint in which case the matter will be referred to a more senir colleague. The Delivery Assurance and Resolution Service will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5 University working days.

3. , you should write to the relevant Head or Director of the department who will provide an initial response typically within five working days of receipt.

4. If after the Head or Director has investigated your complaint it has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, you are advised to submit your formal complaint to:
The Director of Delivery Assurance Registrar's Office University House University of Warwick Coventry CV4 8UW

All such letters will receive an initial response within five working days of receipt. If possible, to aid in the speed of resolving your complaint, it should be submitted by email (together with any supporting evidence or documentation) to and will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt. You will then be provided with information as to how your complaint will be taken forward.

5. If you remain dissatisfied with the final outcome (and proposed resolution) of your formal complaint, you will have exhausted the University’s internal complaints procedure.