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Section 5 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure

5. Anonymous Complaints and Disclosure of Complaint Information

Complaints submitted anonymously will only be considered if sufficient information is provided to enable the University to investigate the complaint. Students are discouraged from making anonymous complaints as it hinders investigation and there is little prospect of appropriate resolution. Informal feedback about a service provided by or activity run by the University is encouraged and can be submitted anonymously. If sufficient information is not provided the University will be unable to pursue the investigation and the complaint will be closed. If a complaint cannot be investigated immediately, the key aspects of the complaint will be recorded and further investigation may be undertaken if later deemed possible and appropriate.

In order for a complaint to be investigated, the member of staff will maintain confidentiality of the complaint and its contents as far as is possible. It is likely, however, the complaint or aspects of it will need to be shared with other staff members involved in resolving the complaint or relevant staff and students during the investigation. Should allegations be made within a complaint directly against another individual, these elements of the complaint would typically need to be shared with them so that they have the opportunity of reply in their own defence as required by natural justice. If a student has concerns about retaliation by the individual or individuals against whom a complaint is being made, this should be highlighted when making a complaint. The outcomes and recommendations from complaint investigations may be shared across the University in the spirit of institutional learning, however any personal information will be removed and handled in accordance with the University's Data Protection Policy.

Under certain circumstances the University may share your personal data with the Students’ Union. Please refer to the University’s privacy notice (

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