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Stage 3: Formal Institutional Review and Final Resolution

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your Stage 2 complaint you can submit a Stage 3 complaint for Formal Institutional Review. You can only request this under certain circumstances which are detailed in Section 8 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.

How to submit a formal stage 3 complaint

  1. Seek support and advice: Wellbeing Support Services (including the Dean of Students' Office and Faculty Senior Tutors), the Students’ Union Advice Centre, and/or your Personal Tutor or Supervisor within your department.
  2. Download and complete the Stage 3 Formal Student Complaints form.
  3. Submit your completed Stage 3 Complaint Form within 10 University working days from the date of receipt of your Stage 2 outcome, together with any relevant documentation and evidence, via the online Stage 3 Formal Institutional Review and Final Resolution Submission page.

Please note that you need to be signed in with a University login code in order to allow the form to be submitted.

  • If you have any questions or cannot access the form or are unable to complete and submit a written complaint please contact or telephone the University's Student Complaints and Academic Casework Team on 02476 150445.