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The Formal Complaints Process

What kind of documentation / evidence do I need to submit alongside my formal complaint form?

You will be expected to provide all relevant supporting evidence and documentation alongside your formal Stage 2 Complaint Submission Form including evidence that you have attempted to resolve the complaint at Stage 1. Further details can be found in Section 8 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.

You can also seek advice from the Student Complaints and Academic Casework Team at

How long will it take for my complaint to be considered?

The timescales for the various stages of the complaints process are detailed in Sections 7 and 8 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure. Some complex complaints may take longer to resolve but we will ensure that you are kept fully informed if there are any circumstances where timescales need to be extended.

If I have submitted a formal complaint, who do I contact to see how it’s progressing?

You can expect to be kept informed periodically of the progress of your complaint by the person assigned to investigate it. However, if you do not know who this is or have questions about how your complaint is progressing, you can contact the Student Complaints and Academic Casework Team at

What is mediation?

Mediation in the context of complaint resolution is a structured joint attempt to clarify and resolve an incident or problem through dialogue or negotiation. Mediation may be used at any stage of the Procedure. The University encourages the use of mediation to resolve disputes at all stages of the Student Complaints Resolution Pathway, and a complainant will usually be offered mediation if it is felt that it could help resolve the issues raised. Further details are available in Section 9 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.

What is a University working day?

A University working day is defined as any day between Monday to Friday when the University administrative offices are open. This does not include Bank Holidays or periods when the University administrative offices are shut over the Christmas or Easter period.

How can I find out who my Head of Department or Director of Studies is?

Most departments publish this information on their departmental websites. You can look up individual departments from the A-Z list published on the University's website. Alternatively you can ask a member of staff within your department.

Can I appeal a decision to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)?

Yes, provided your complaint is eligible under its scheme and the University's internal processes have been completed. This would typically mean that you have either received a Stage 3 final outcome letter in writing or your complaint was not accepted into the Stage 3 process as there were insufficient grounds - either way, you would receive a completion of procedures letter advising you of your ability to go to the OIA. Further information about escalating a complaint to the OIA is available in Section 10 of the Student Complaints Resolution Procedure.