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Academic Probation

Academic Probation

Academic appointments to the post of Assistant Professor are normally subject to a probationary period of 5 years. Where appropriate, an appointee may be placed on a pre-probationary period of normally up to 1 year (maximum 2 years). This is normally required where an appointee is studying for but has not yet completed a PhD or equivalent. Please refer to the Guidelines below for more information.

All academic probationers are reviewed annually by the Probation Review Group (PRG), who monitor progress and make decisions regarding confirmation/termination of appointment. The meeting in which a Probationer is reviewed is determined by their start date:

Probationers End date Term Probationer will be reviewed
1 November - 28 February Autumn
1 March - 31 May Spring
1 June - 31 October Summer

We will write to Heads of Department each term to advise them of the probationers to be considered at that term's meeting.

Academic Probationers wanting to extend their probation period following family leave or long term sickness absence should complete this form.

Academic Probation Information session

An Academic Probation Information session was held via TEAMS on the 17 February, the slides are available from the link below:

Academic Probation Information Session Slides