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Apprenticeship programmes

Apprentices follow a formal programme of learning agreed between a learning provider, the University at departmental level and the individual themselves. Apprenticeship providers are often further education colleges, independent training providers or higher education institutions, such as the University. Take a look at the government's list of providers

Programmes are designed to support an apprentice in achieving an apprenticeship standard, an industry-set statement of outcomes needed to fulfil the requirements of different jobs. Standards are already available across a variety of sectors and at levels from Level 2 (GCSE level) through to Level 7 (Master's level) and more are in development. Some examples of apprenticeships relevant to the University context include:

  • Level 3 Building Services Engineering Craftsperson
  • Level 4 Data Analyst
  • Level 5 HR Consultant / Partner
  • Level 6 Chartered Manager (degree apprenticeship)

View the full list of currently available standards