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Salaried Staff

With effect from 30 September, many of the forms previously used to request additional payments or variations to pay will be replaced by in-system processes within SuccessFactors, our new HR system. Please note that requests for unpaid leave are managed through the process that is specified in detail on the HR web pages.

The following guides explain how to request payment for additional hours worked (including overtime) and other ad hoc payments e.g. KiT/SPLiT days for colleagues on maternity/adoption/shared parental leave.

How to input overtime in SuccessFactors guide

How to Process Additional Payments in SuccessFactors

There remain some amendments to pay that will still need to be communicated to Payroll via a form and these are detailed below. In all cases, please ensure that you download forms directly from the website each time, to ensure you are using the most up-to-date form. Once completed, these forms should be submitted to Payroll via the AskHR portal, access to which can be found on your SuccessFactors homepage.

Additional payment forms and Salaried timesheet (for use only where the additional payments you require are not available in SuccessFactors)

Additional Payment Form(Excel Spreadsheet) (Excel version) Additional Payment Form (pdf) (PDF Document) (pdf recomended)

Salaried staff timesheet

Voluntary deduction cancellation form

Voluntary deduction cancellation (PDF Document)

Application for healthcare cover in the EEA (for use if you are going to leave the UK and work in the EEA)

All requests for additional payments or overtime must be made on a properly authorised original form and uploaded to an AskHR ticket, as specified above.