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Salaried Staff

Additional Payment Form(Excel Spreadsheet) (Excel version) and Additional Payment Form (pdf) (PDF Document) (.pdf recomended) (Revised May 2017)

saltimesheet.pdf (PDF Document)

Leavers Form & Procedure

Voluntary deduction cancellation (PDF Document)

Unpaid Leave(PDF Document)

UCU Industrial Action -
Application for healthcare cover in the EEA (for use if you are going to leave the UK and work in the EEA)

All requests for additional payments or overtime must be made on a properly authorised original form, as above

Additional Guidance for when our new HR system, SuccessFactors, is live

How to...input overtime in SuccessFactors guide

Inputting additional hours - employee checklist

Approving a timesheet submission – line manager/local finance checklist

Please download forms directly from the website each time, to ensure you are using the most up-to-date form.