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Payroll cut-off deadlines- January and February 2018

Please be aware that the payroll cut-off dates for January and February 2018 have now been confirmed. The Handbook and Department Guide have been updated.

Teachers will be required to submit timesheets by Sunday the 14th of January on for payment on the 24th of January.

The rest of the dates will be confirmed in due course.

Kind regards,
The STP Team

Thu 07 December 2017, 16:13

STP Important pay date changes- July 2017

From July 2017, STP pay date will move to the 24th of the month or the last working day before if the 24th is not a working day.

Please do not hesitate to contact the STP team on or on 02476524831 if you have any further questions.

Mon 12 June 2017, 15:53

Important pay day changes

Important pay day changes: Sessional Teaching Payroll (STP) pay dates will be changing from July 2017.


If you currently receive STP payments on the last working day of each month, this will move to 24th of the month, or the last working day before if 24th is not a working day.


These changes are being made due to the implementation of a new human resources system.


Please find below the payment schedule during the transition period:


April – 28th

May – 31st

June – 30th

July – 24th

August – 24th

September – 22nd

October – 24th

November - 24th

December – TBA


Payroll cut-off dates will be updated and published in due course.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Sessional Teaching Payroll team on 02476 524831 or email should you have any further questions.

Fri 05 May 2017, 10:48

STP Role Profiles Evaluation Outcome

The Sessional Teaching Payroll (STP) Role Profiles were developed based on roles already used by departments piloting STP. Where available, these Role Profiles were compared with standard teaching profiles already in use across the University before being shared for wider consultation with a range of key stakeholders, including current sessional teachers, academic staff, departmental administrators, Human Resources, and senior colleagues in order to ensure that the Profiles were an accurate reflection of the sessional roles currently undertaken. A series of workshops were then held with academic departmental representatives and sessional teachers to consider the detail of the Profiles as they apply to existing sessional teaching requirements and a number of amendments and additions, including from the Students’ Union and UCU, were incorporated.
The Role Profiles were then evaluated by a trained and impartial panel through the Hay evaluation process used for all salaried roles in the University in order to align the roles with the University’s grading structure. The panel included representatives from academic staff, UCU and Human Resources. The evaluation panel came to the following conclusions regarding the grading of the STP Role Profiles:

  • Assistant Tutor/Group Facilitator - Level 4
  • Demonstrator - Level 4
  • Workshop/Demonstration Leader - Level 5
  • Associate Tutor - Level 5
  • Sessional Tutor - Level 6
  • Senior Sessional Tutor - Level 7
  • Principal Sessional Tutor - Level 8

Further meetings with Sessional Tutors and departmental representatives are being organised to discuss the Handbooks for STP Tutors in 2017-18, before these are adopted by the University and published towards the end of May.

Mon 24 April 2017, 15:33

Sessional Teaching Advance Payment

Due to the payroll cut-off deadline for October falling at the same time as the start of term, the University recognises that this circumstance may cause financial hardship for some.

All the new starter details received up to and including the cut-off date were processed for the October pay, however many were received after and as such they will fall into the November payroll run.

In an update to previous announcements, individuals can apply for an advance payment on their wages. This amount cannot be greater than 65% of the value of approved timesheets up to week ending 15th October.

Any advance will be deducted from the November pay.

If you would like to request a pay advance, please download the form

and email this to the STP Team:

The deadline to receive forms will be 5pm on Wednesday 1st November. Forms will be processed in the order which they are received. Payments will be made by Friday 3rd November at the latest.

Kind regards,

Sessional Teaching Payroll Team


Mon 23 October 2017, 11:52

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