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Handling data golden rules

Man and woman looking at a computer reviewing security.

Golden rules for handling personal data

  • Don’t share your passwords.
  • Lock away your papers when you are away from your desk.
  • Lock your laptop/tablet/desktop whenever you leave it.
  • Incidents happen! Tell us when personal data is lost, stolen or shared by mistake.
  • Use the reporting procedure - we can help you take the right action.
  • Be aware when sharing personal data. Think about what information is needed, by whom, why and how.
  • Use the Warwick systems to access your emails and documents.
  • Don’t work with personal data on personal devices that are not encrypted.
  • Don’t keep personal data longer than you need it - follow the Warwick retention guidance.
  • Dispose of personal data with care. Record how and when.

Security & Information Management is Everyone's Responsibility

Printable PDF brochure GDPR: Handling data golden rules

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