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About the Information & Digital Group

IDG Vision

"To be the trusted partner delivering innovative and effective digital services and solutions that empower our students, academics, research communities and staff to maximise their potential and achieve excellence"

At the Information & Digital Group at the University of Warwick, our mission is to transform our vision into reality. We are committed to nurturing a vibrant digital-first culture internally, promoting continuous improvement, agility, and a 'win and learn' attitude.

Our primary goal is to empower our community - students, academics, research communities, and staff, by providing cutting-edge tools and resources, allowing them to maximise their potential and achieve excellence. This includes spearheading innovative initiatives such as advancing the academic experience with a state-of-the-art digital research library, amplifying data innovation, perfecting the digital twin, and democratising access to high-quality education.

Through these endeavours, we aim to cultivate a collaborative and transformative environment that propels our University forward. Join us on this journey of empowerment, collaboration, and excellence within the Information & Digital Group.

Digital First Culture

  • Strong digital first culture
  • A continuous improvement mindset
  • Embracing agile methodologies
  • Cultivating a culture of experimentation

Innovative Digital Library

  • A dynamic and cutting-edge digital library that empowers students, staff, and researchers with the latest technologies and resources
  • Creation of a seamless and personalized experience that enhances teaching, learning, and research
  • We will empower our research community to navigate the complex open research landscape
  • We aim to develop learning spaces that provide an enhanced and inclusive physical and digital experience

Amplify & Accelerate Data Innovation

  • Providing cutting-edge data analytics capabilities
  • Leveraging data to gain invaluable insights into student performance and behaviour
  • Unlock new opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Opening the door to exciting research collaborations with industry partners
  • Emergence of ‘datafied’ scholarship
  • Enabling the monetisation of data sets

Perfecting the Digital Twin

  • Facilitating remote learning and collaboration, allowing researchers from around the world to connect and work together on projects
  • Revolutionise the way students learn and gain practical experience, for example, creating a virtual replica of a physical laboratory
  • Democratise access to high-quality education and training
  • Provide an innovative and immersive learning experience for all
  • Develop a digital preservation programme to ensure that our institutional, cultural, and scientific outcomes are preserved and remain accessible for future research, learning and engagement

IDG Structure


The development and implementation of library policies, services, and resources to meet the academic and research needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Business Engagement

Own and drive the overall relationship with the faculties / business units.

Strategy, EA & Innovation

Own the strategic development, publication, maintenance and renewal of enterprise architecture for the University's digital assets.

Portfolio Delivery

Define the processes, tools and standards for all IDG programmes ensuring they deliver on time and to cost & quality.

Infrastructure & Operations

Development and maintenance of IT systems, networks and hardware ensuring they remain highly available and meet agreed SLAs.

Warwick Data Labs

Management of the University data strategy, governance, quality and security. Developing policies and procedures for collection, storage and analysis of data.

Information Security, Risk & Compliance

Implement the Warwick Cyber security strategy including its security framework, policies, standards and audit compliance.

Raja-Saleem Javaid

Introducing Raja-Saleem Javaid

Chief Information & Transformation Officer

Raja-Saleem Javaid is the University of Warwick’s Chief Information & Transformation Officer and a member of the University Executive Board. His role is to oversee and lead the university’s ambitious digital transformation programme, which underpins Warwick’s growth and development as a world class institution.

Working closely with his senior leadership team and colleagues across the university, Raja aims to develop and improve Warwick’s systems, networks, and technologies so it can continue to meet the fast-changing needs of its community and stakeholders. This will result in efficient support to Warwick’s teaching and research excellence and enable staff and students to deliver and experience some of the highest quality university education in the world.

Introducing the Leadership Team

Kim Dalziel

Kim Dalziel

Portfolio Delivery Director

Adrian Hope

Adrian Hope

Chief Information Security Officer

Jen Leibbrand

Jen Leibbrand

Business Engagement Director

Geraint Llewelyn

Geraint Llewelyn

Infrastructure & Operations Director

Anna O'Neill

Anna O'Neill


Simon Stearn

Simon Stearn

Chief Data Officer

Russell Boyatt

Russell Boyatt

Director of Enterprise Architecture & Innovation