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24 Jan

Applications open soon for ICURe Explore & ICURe Engage programmes

Innovate UK’s hugely successful ICURe programmes are delivered in the Midlands by the team from Warwick Innovations, and we will shortly open for applications to join the ICURe Explore and ICURe Engage programmes.

10 Oct 2023

New Warwick spin-out company SEEV

Could e-voting be the future for general elections?

03 Oct 2023

Revolutionising AI for cellular pathology

Warwick spin-out Histofy to revolutionise AI for cellular pathology.

08 Sep 2023

Tools to solve global challenges

Equipping entrepreneurs and start-ups with the tools needed to solve global challenges.

26 Jul 2023

Synthetic biology platform

NanoSyrinx raises £6.2m to develop its synthetic biology platform for targeted intracellular engineering.

08 Jun 2023

Medherant to develop world’s only testosterone patch for menopause

Warwick spin out company Medherant to develop world’s only testosterone patch for menopause.