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Please browse these pages to find out more about successful spin-out companies and licensing deals negotiated by Warwick Ventures on behalf of the University of Warwick.

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Producing high energy fuel from mixed plastic waste

Recycling Technologies is one of the newer companies to be spun out of the University of Warwick, but it is already engaged in some exciting partnerships that look set to establish the technology as a major UK recycling solution.

The company is using techniques, developed in the University’s School of Engineering, that allow dirty mixed municipal waste plastics to be returned to a clean hydrocarbon oil.

After extraction of plastic bottles, most waste plastic is destined for incineration or landfill. Recycling Technologies “Warwick FBRTM” takes this major pollutant and converts it into valuable clean fuel, which can offset the need to import more oil.

In addition the Company has the vison to eventually enable the clean-up of dumped plastic waste in the oceans, waterways and landfill sites. All with a commercially sound business case and without the need for subsidies.

Warwick Ventures business development managers provided assistance in the early stages with the technology strategy, partnering and seed funding.

Warwick Ventures was further responsible for securing Proof of Concept funds, setting up the spin out company, finding the CEO, Adrian Griffiths, and was instrumental in securing early stage funding for the venture.

Kevin Marks, COO of Warwick Ventures, says:

We generated a lot of interest in this technology, both from recycling companies and from major manufacturers who wanted to find better solutions for managing their plastic waste. The key to developing this interest into something more tangible was to build a scaleable demonstrator unit that could showcase the technology’s capabilities.

Funding for this was received from the Wroxall Investors Group and subsequently the company was able to open its design, testing and manufacturing plant in Swindon.

Warwick Ventures’ Kevin Marks was quick to spot the business opportunity that plastic waste represents and to bring a team together to address it. Since the outset, he has been very helpful in bringing the University's research capability to the aide of RT helping us to get to where we are today.” says Adrian Griffiths, CEO of Recycling Technologies.

Recycling Technologies is currently closing a further successful investment round which includes a substantial sum from Ecomachines Incubator. The company is also now expecting significant grant funding from the UK Government.

Recently, the company was shortlisted with five other companies for the UK’s Cleantech “University Spin out of the year”.

Several major companies dealing with plastic waste disposal are now in discussion with the Company and growth projections are looking very buoyant.

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