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DTIC Portfolio

Supporting Innovation

DTIC startup companies

The DeepTech incubator at the University of Warwick was launched in 2020 in response to a growing demand for support for AI and Data startup companies and we're delighted to show here just some of the innovative technologies and solutions in sectors including FinTech, MedTech, Wellbeing and Sustainabiity.

Little Birdie

Helping consumers save money on their subscriptions. Helping businesses build deeper customer engagement and grow value.


The TutorHive app enables tutors and students to connect and interact through a best-match algorithm, revolutionising and simplifying tuition in the technological era.

City Farm Systems

A better than Net Zero Solution; swapping food miles for minutes and metres, handing shelf life to the consumer, providing a Carbon Consuming supply-chain


Our mission is to become the global leader of re-selling authentic goods. We enable brands and businesses to provide their customers with digital proof of authenticity and ownership.


Join us on our vision of becoming the market leading augmented analytics platform for SMEs, helping them gain insights and scale with confidence.


Fusing human expertise and AI technology, voxANN bridges the language gap between written text and spoken word making production faster, cheaper and easier.

Yozoi Ltd

Changing the way domiciliary support services are delivered - we are embedding deep technologies in a mobile application platform to empower people in local communities to deliver on-demand domiciliary support..

iListing AI

Transforming property inventory services with AI-powered automation and transparency.

Emotive Health

We’re building the first family health super App that uses wearable tech and AI to improve the health of families around the world.

Symilarity AI

Don’t get stung by agreeing contractual terms without checking with EzyAzz Artificial Intelligence Contract Review Technology. Validate your Contract in seconds, it really is “EzyAzz”.


AI powered HR: Eudoratech partners with organizations to automate repetitive tasks, drive business outcomes using talent data, and support to achieving enterprise digital transformation objectives.


Marrying data with sustainability , we aim to leverage your data to your benefit. You are able to set your ESG targets, manage your ESG projects, track your impacts and benchmark it against your peers-all in one place!

Legal Pythia

Unveiling Truths with Explainable AI - detecting fraud and optimizing synergies with Explainable AI. Trusted by governments, banks, and law firms globally


Engage in research, analytics, and AI with the assurance of comprehensive data security. Harness the power of sensitive information without compromising on safety or compliance.


Making Things Smarter - revolutionizing the way industry connect, capture and control their physical environment


The only solution you need for digitising Clinical Pathways. Remcare enables clinicians to collect data remotely and use this information to prioritise patients according to risk status.

Afterlife Intelligence

Afterlife Intelligence is a technology innovator focussed on building digital solutions that re-imagine, enhance and improve day to day processes for human benefit.

The PC Security Channel

The PC Security Channel is your go to place for cybersecurity. We test security products and create some of the best educational content about malware and threat analysis and other infosec topics.


Become your most effective self.

Build your self-confidence via daily nudges, community and 1 : 1 coaching

Butterfly Decisions

Trace, improve and speed up decision-making processes in your organisation using algorithms and scientific approach

Intelligent Prospects

Using AI and analytics to assist choices in education and employment.

Seamless 24/7

Developing innovative software solutions for IT continuity. Eliminating IT Server Update and Upgrade Nightmares. Protecting data and ensuring continual access.

Marston Wellbeing

Marston Wellbeing specializes in consulting and developing training solutions to address the issues arising in relation to understanding and communication between organisations and ethnic minority communities.

Pasar Daur

We transform industrial waste into sustainable value to power Indonesia's circular economy.