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Innovation to Impact (i2i)

Innovation to Impact (i2i)

What is it?

The course offers researchers a taste of entrepreneurship and will help broaden a number of skills.

Develop your commercial skills through bespoke workshops, one-to-one support and guidance on developing impact strategies and market opportunities.

Delivered as a two day bootcamp, the programme focuses on topics which include:

  • Enhancing impact from your research
  • Exploring creative applications for your research
  • Refining your communication skills
  • Identifying markets and opportunities
  • Considering first steps towards commercialisation.

Market validation

After the workshops, delegates will validate the impact of their research by identifying and talking to potential collaborators and customers to better assess the opportunity.

We will help guide you through this process and where possible provide introductions to appropriate contacts.

Who can apply?

This course is suitable for any internal candidates interested in enhancing the impact from your research.

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