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Virtual reality technology to give companies commercial edge in exploiting their business data

Virtual reality research at the University of Warwick is set to give companies fresh and faster insights into their business data.

University of Warwick Physics researcher Richard Wellard has just formed a University spin out company called "3-DAT" that will help a range of businesses to apply 3D virtual reality techniques to their financial and business data. This will vastly reduce the time it takes companies to perceive trends and find solutions from their data and also give them novel perspectives previously unobtainable from 2D analysis of their day which could provide them with a commercial edge on their rivals. Richard is also an Enterprise Fellow on the EFS scheme, hosted by the department of Warwick Ventures. 

The Warwick researchers had already used 3D virtual reality imaging to understand the complex three dimensional path of charged particles in near Earth space. It was so difficult to decipher this by simply viewing it on a two dimensional piece of paper or computer screen that it took days of deliberation - but when they examined the same data in 3D virtual reality imaging equipment they were able to see in minutes the answer to a problem which they had agonised over for days.

Richard Wellard was one of the Physics team who looked at that problem and quickly saw a number of ways in which this virtual reality technology could help businesses cut through their problems in analysing financial and other business data with the same sort of speed and precision. He has just formed a university spin out company called "3-DAT" to do just that and has just begun to talk with a number of other companies and venture capitalists on ways to practically exploit the technology. 

For further please information contact: 
Richard Wellard email: 3-DAT, University of Warwick
Tel: 07985 377718