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Herfurth Laser Technology Beams With Success

Herfurth Laser Technology, a spin-off company from the University of Warwick has recently sold its first complete £70,000 laser to Koito Europe in Droitwich.

The company deals with a range of laser techniques but one which has attracted national press interest assists manufacturers trying to stick two piece polypropylene type material together. Such companies are usually faced with using environmentally unfriendly pre-treatments. Some of these pre-treatments are chemical, others heat based, but all waste time and cost money. These can now be dispensed with thanks to Herfurth’s technology developed by the Warwick Manufacturing Group.

The researchers have devised a very different approach that goes against conventional thinking on the use of lasers to solve plastic bonding problems.

They use a high power laser and a close study of the behaviour of the laser beam combined with a fine understanding of the joining properties of many plastics to produce an unconventional, but extremely effective technique, that allows a range of plastics to behave as if they were transparent and let the laser light through to the iterface between the two components.

For further details please contact:

Dr Bryan Bryden, University of Warwick Science Park

Tel: 02476 323088