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Warwick Ventures launches an Impact Skills Development package

Warwick Ventures logoWarwick Ventures, the University’s research commercialisation company, has launched a new programme working with early career researchers to maximise the impact of their research by developing their translational skills.

Initially funded through the STFC’s Impact Acceleration Account, the programme will work with early career researchers to produce and implement impact plans into their research projects.

“We’re aiming to help maximise the Impact outside academia of the excellent research done at Warwick by enabling researchers to understand what sort of impact is possible through their research and how to build that in to projects at an early stage,” explains Kevin Marks, Chief Operating Officer at Warwick Ventures. “In collaboration with Warwick colleagues, we’ll address some of the basic questions including, ‘What is impact?’, and ‘How best to evidence it?’, and we’ll also provide the practical tools, transferable skills and expert support necessary to put impact at the heart of research projects and grant applications.”

A pilot programme is already underway in the Department of Physics, with participants being encouraged to help shape the programme according to their needs. New modules will be added as required, and researchers who already have experience in some areas can select only the modules that will address their skills gaps.

Similar programmes will be developed simultaneously in other university departments, with Impact Acceleration funding from other Research Councils.

At the end of the course, researchers will complete an Impact Plan becoming Impact Fellows with the skills, and knowledge of the central support available, needed to implement their plan within their research group. However, as important is to pass on the translational skills and experience which will remain useful to the Fellows in their future careers whether inside or outside of academia.

For more information about Warwick Ventures Impact Programme, please contact Kevin Marks.