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Warwick Data Science Hub Guidelines

• Please ensure you have all the necessary permissions from your company to share the data with the University. We can help with confidentiality agreements and IP management. If you have a legal department, check with them, they may have different ideas on data protection.

• Ensure that the project is manageable within a 10 week period.

• The students choose their own projects, so there is no guarantee that your project will be chosen.

• This is not a data cleansing project due to the limited time. The data must already be in a suitable state and format for analysis.

• These are students, not professional data scientists. Though they will be mentored, students range in skills.

• Consider if the project is successful, if you’d like to take it further as a PhD project over several years and in much more detail – this won’t be free.

If you have a piece of work larger than a 10 week MSc project, ask us for advice, we’d genuinely like to talk to you about it.

Download a pdf version of these guidelines here.