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Smart Mosfet Sensor For Electronic Noses

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Relevant Patents

GB2192781 / EP0254569

COAP / Company Number

99005/ n/a


Dr. John Mihell
02476 575 483




The Warwick Nose is a long-standing area of expertise. Chemically doped sensors react to airborne molecules, producing an electrical signal. An array of different sensors will produce a pattern of response, which can be used to define the molecule. A number of types of electronic noses have been built, and they are being used in various industries including food manufacture, medical diagnosis and petrochemicals.


A patent has been filed (PCT/GB98/00100) for a SMART MOSFET Gas Sensor. This has various sandwiched layers of semiconductors and insulators, which combines effective gas sensing when operating in the 300-600oC with ease of fabrication (which allows low cost production using conventional bulk fabrication processes).

The Market

This invention is attractive to electronic nose manufacturers such as Nordic Sensors, AlphaMOS and EEV, who would wish to assess the technology with a view to incorporating into their devices. Unfortunately, electronic noses are not yet being sold in any volume, but they may in the future develop into hand-held or in-line devices which could be sold in thousands.

Next Steps

The Electronic Nose groups communicate well, and Prof Gardner is already well known to them. Nordic Sensors have already requested a licence, and have been offered a partial exclusivity. Regular contact will ensure that other inventions and improvements are properly protected, and are offered to whichever of the E-nose companies make a success of their business.