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Streamline Computing

University Dept. / Industry Sector

Computing / Supercomputers

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Streamline Computing

Founded: 2000

SIC code (UK 1992)

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COAP / Company Number

00025 / 3913912


Ederyn Williams
02476 575 482



Streamline was founded by leading computer scientists from Warwick and Oxford Universities in the UK. This background gives us an unrivalled insight into the hardware and software needed to maximise the capabilities of high performance cluster and grid computing in commercial, research and academic organisations. The intellectual property that we possess, allied to our capability to develop its full potential, is shaping a new paradigm for high performance computing worldwide.

Based in Warwick, in the UK, Streamline Computing is a leading creator of customised clustering solutions that are both technologically advanced and proven in practice. In fact, we are the only UK developers of application-level software and other technology designed specifically for the cluster and grid computing market.

Streamline offers the complete range of consultancy, software, design and implementation services that enable you to take full advantage of the high performance computing capabilities of cluster and grid solutions.

Market Position

Streamline Computing is a specialist in High Performance and Technical Computing (HPTC) and a leading provider of parallel and distributed systems and software.

Streamline Computing supplies complete cluster systems, advice, hardware upgrades, storage, networking, software and bespoke development services. With our experience and links to major hardware and software companies, you can have confidence that Streamline are experts whatever level your requirements.

Streamline has delivered over 100 Myrinet and Gigabit clusters to more than 25 leading universities and is the chosen HPC supplier to many blue-chip organizations in the UK.

CMA is the latest product from Streamline Computing. This is a secure web-based monitoring system for clusters. It proactively manages the cluster with automated alarms and remote notification through email and SMS alerts. Up-to-the minute statistics reveal the system status at a glance, in addition to an overview and historical resource utilization data.

The Distributed Debugging Tool (DDT) is rapidly becoming the de facto standard parallel debugger for clusters, with many users in Europe, the US and Asia from commercial, academic and governmental institutions.

Product / Technology

A new business, tentatively named Parallogic, would undertake two activities:

  • Design and deliver Beowulf systems in the UK
  • Develop parallel computing software based on the COUPL+ and other work of the Dept.
    The first part of the business could take off quite quickly, as there are a number of Universities with supercomputer needs and grants to pay for them.