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Create a collection of pages

An important element of a portfolio is the ability to draw together (and reuse) pages in multiple collections focusing on the important aspects for your current requirement (whether this is a job interview, submitting professional development evidence, an assignment etc).

Create a new collection

Click on the + New button on the portfolio page and select Collection from the pop up.

New collection

This will open the Edit collection window.

New collection title and description

  1. Add a descriptive collection name
  2. and a detailed description of the collection - these will both appear on the collection as it is shown on the Portfolio page.
  3. It is also useful to add tags to the portfolio to make searching easier (especially if you have a large number of pages and collections).
  4. Click 'Next: Edit collection pages' to go to the next step.

Add pages to the collection

In this screen, you select the pages you want to add to your new collection.

Add pages to collection

  1. Select the pages that want to add to the collection and either drag and drop them, or check the boxes, and click Add pages.
  2. Any existing pages already in the collection (if editing an existing collection), as well as new pages added, appear on the right.

Select Done when you have finished adding pages and the new collection will appear on your Portfolio page.

Collection options to share and show pages

You can share your collection by clicking on the padlock icon (1), and see a list of the pages in the collection by clicking on the page icon (2).

Editing an existing collection

Selecting the menu will open up further options for managing, editing and deleting a collection.

Collection options from right hand menu - manage, edit and delete


This screen allows you to add pages (if there are any available) and to reorder or remove existing pages - see above for more

Manage your collection


The edit section allows you to change the collection name and description that you set when creating it originally. You can also add or remove tags.

Edit your collection name and description


Selecting delete opens a warning message to confirm that you really want to delete this collection. It does not delete the individual pages and does not affect other collections that use some of the same pages. Select Yes to remove the collection or no to close the delete dialogue window and return to the pages and collections page.

Warning message when deleting a collection

More information on collections is available at

The information on this page relates to Mahara 18.10 and was last updated December 2018.


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