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Use Teams with Vevox personal response system

Vevox can be used to enable responsive teaching and active learning in webinars or online meetings, such as seminars. When used online via Teams Vevox can be delivered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats.

Adding the Vevox tab to Teams

A Vevox tab can be added to a Teams chat with one or more users or to a channel. The Vevox meeting has to be created (in Vevox) before the Vevox tab can be added to Teams.

The process of setting up a Vevox tab in Teams is the same for both a Teams chat and channel:

  1. Click on the plus icon in the centre top of the channel or chat window where you want to add the Vevox tab.
  2. Select Vevox in the Add a tab window. If it is not displayed, you can search for it using the Search bar in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the 9 digit Vevox meeting ID of the meeting that you want to connect this tab to. The Vevox meeting has to be created in advance.
  4. Choose whether to Post to the channel about this tab by ticking/unticking the box.
  5. Click Save.

Having a Vevox tab in your Teams channel or chat allows students to click on the tab to go to the Vevox meeting directly without having to leave Teams, use an additional device, or having to enter the Vevox meeting ID.

Using Vevox in Teams - synchronous

Vevox can be used in synchronous sessions and, if required online, facilitated through Teams meetings and calls in various ways. If you are using PowerPoint, it is possible to use the Vevox add-in in Powerpoint to deliver a live presentation in which Vevox actitivies are integrated. More information about sharing your screen for PowerPoint presentations in Teams.

The use of all three Vevox activities are suitable for synchronous sessions, especially polls though.

The video below gives you an example of how Vevox can be used in a synchronous session.

Using Vevox in Teams - blended

Vevox can be used where asynchronous and synchronous sessions or learning activities overlap. Vevox activities, especially Q&A and surveys, are suitable to be run before or after a session and results discussed or included in further learning resources or sessions. A Vevox meeting link can be shared with the invitation for a Teams meeting for example to ask students to collect questions that they have up to the point of the meeting. During the meeting, the questions can be ranked by students (thumbs-up feature) to establish priorities and then clarified by the teacher accordingly.

Using Vevox in Teams - asynchronous

A Vevox session can be left open for a longer period of time allowing users to respond when they can. The link to a Vevox meeting can be shared within a Teams channel or another means of communication. The Vevox activity Q&A but even more so the survey are suitable for asynchronous sessions.

The information on this page relates to Microsoft Teams and was last updated July 2020.


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