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Polling and Q&A all running within the Vevox dashboard in a web browser

This approach works on Windows and Apple computers.

1.1 Overview

If you are not using PowerPoint (on Windows), you can still ask questions and see student responses, all from within the Vevox dashboard in a web browser. You can also have an Q&A channel. This is a simpler approach if you want to run Q&A throughout your session. It also works well on Apple computers, as well as tablets (such as the iPad). In many of Warwick's teaching rooms you can use Solstice wireless presenting to beam your presentation from your mobile device to the main screen.

This approach makes full use of the Present mode in Vevox. You can find an orange button to open the Present mode at the bottom left of the web page for a Vevox meeting in the dashboard.

1.2 Setup

Before your session, go into the Vevox dashboard on your web browser, and create a meeting for your session. You can configure Q&A (for example, switch it off, or enable moderation).

1.3 Create

Use the Vevox dashboard to add a sequence of questions to your meeting.

1.4 Prepare

Start the Vevox meeting before you begin your teaching session.

1.5 Run your teaching session with Vevox

On the computer or tablet that is connected to the main screen, access the Vevox dashboard in a web browser, and go into Present mode. This displays the info that the students need to join the meeting.

If you move your mouse (or finger on a tablet) towards the bottom of the screen, you will see a meeting control appear. Control how student responses appear using the Layout menu. Move through the sequence of questions using the arrows. Open a poll to allow students to answer.

When you do not have a poll active, student Q&A responses are shown on the screen. You can hide the Present view by minimising your web browser, or muting the main screen using the lectern control unit.

If you want to moderate student messages, you should access them through the Vevox dashboard on a second device (tablet or computer).

Apple users

You can easily alternate between Vevox and PowerPoint slides using the method shown in this video. In addition, you should change the "Always start Presenter View..." setting to unchecked in preferences on PowerPoint:

Settings for PowerPoint on Mac

1.6 Analyse

The answers that your students gave will be stored in the cloud, in the meeting in the Vevox dashboard, to be found in the Data tab. You can return to them and analyse them. The data may also be downloaded and analysed in Excel.

1.7 Repeat a session

If you need to run another session with the same questions, you can download the results to Excel (if required), then clear all of the student responses.

Alternatively, you can export the set of questions, and import them into a new Vevox meeting.

1.8 Manage across a whole module

You can copy questions between Vevox meetings, using the export and import options. This means you can create a standard set of questions that you repeat, and add-to, in each teaching session.

1.9 Manage across multiple modules

You can use the export/import facility to share questions across modules and between teachers.


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