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Polling in PowerPoint, plus Q&A through the Vevox dashboard in a web browser

This currently only works on Windows. An Apple add-in is being developed. Instead, use this approach.

1.1 Overview

Please read Section 1 (Polling in PowerPoint) first.

This builds on the PowerPoint based approach described in Polling in PowerPoint using the Vevox add-in. You can have a Q&A channel open during your session, or just for parts of your session (which is recommended if you are teaching on your own without help). Students can use this to ask questions and share comments. They can "like" each other's questions. You can list the questions in order of popularity, and respond to the most popular (verbally to the whole class). Or you can get the students to respond to them in this way. If you have an assistant, you can moderate the questions before they appear for everyone else to see.

You can also just use Q&A on its own, without poll questions and PowerPoint.

1.2 Setup

You access Q&A for a meeting through the Vevox dashboard. Q&A is on by default, but you can switch it off (or just ignore it if you are not using it). You can also switch on moderation, meaning that you have to approve messages from students before they appear to the whole class. Don't forget to start the Vevox meeting before you begin teaching, so that the students can connect to it.

1.3 Run

When using Q&A and PowerPoint, you will need to have the Vevox dashboard open in a web browser, with Q&A showing. You can switch between the two applications. This will, however, mean that Q&A is displayed on the main screen (unless you mute the screen on the lectern control unit).

If you want to use Q&A continually during a session, you might want to view and control it from a separate device - this could be a laptop or tablet (phones are a bit small). Or if you are presenting on your laptop, use the computer in the room to run the Q&A. If you are moderating the questions, you definitely need to do this on a device that is not displayed to the students via the big screen.

All student messages will automatically appear on the devices that the students are using to connect to the meeting (unless you are moderating, in which case you have to approve them first).

When you switch on moderation, you will see that you have a series of tabs in the meeting in the Vevox dashboard (under the Q&A section). New messages will appear in Needs Review. You can accept or reject them.

1.4 Analyse

You can download and analyse the Q&A messages from the Data section in the Vevox dashboard.


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