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Create a page with editable regions

Editable regions are a useful way to give editors the means to change text or images within sections of a page layout without affecting the layout's design. This article assumes you're familiar with using your own HTML and CSS to make page layouts in SiteBuilder.

In this article:

Set up your layout and a data list page beneath it

  1. Create a new page with the Blank web page template.
  2. Add your HTML layout to the new page.
  3. You need to create a data list page template immediately beneath the page containing the HTML layout. This holds the editable regions. Go to Edit > Create new page.
  4. On the Create new page screen, append &sb_dataEntry=true to the URL and select Enter. For example, if your page layout is located at /fac/arts/music/layout the URL is:    
  5. In the Change page template section, select Data list.
  6. Choose Generic list (advanced) from the List of drop-down list.
  7. Expand the Add page properties section and fill in the standard page properties.
  8. Publish the page.
  9. On the data list page you created, select Add a new entry.
  10. In the Title field, enter a title – for example, hp-01-block. We recommend using titles resulting in a logical order that match the content flow in the layout from left to right and top to bottom.
  11. Leave the Link, Content, Metadata and Tags boxes empty, then select Save changes.
  12. Repeat steps 9-11 for as many editable regions as you require.

Add [content] tags to your layout

  1. Go to the page containing your HTML layout.
  2. To retrieve the content from an entry in the data list page, add the following to your HTML layout:

    [content page="regions" term="hp-01-block"]hp-01-block[/content]

    where page is the slug of your data list and term is the title of your editable region.


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