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Edit a form

The form page template contains all the tools to create and maintain a form within SiteBuilder.
  1. Browse to the form you wish to edit.
  2. Go to Edit > Edit formsbuilder page. The tools to design the form content and modify its properties are listed at the left-hand side, with a preview of the form at the right:

    Edit form options and preview

  3. To add a text box, select a type under Add a text box, then follow the on-screen help.
  4. Similarly, to add choice options, buttons or ratings, select a type under Allow the user to make a choice, then follow the on-screen help.
  5. As you add text and choice options, a preview of the form appears at the right-hand side. To reorder the options, select the up and down arrows alongside the preview:

    Reorder questions in the form preview

    Tip: to quickly reorder a long form that has lots of questions:

    1. Go to Edit > Edit formsbuilder page.
    2. Under Modify the form, select Reorder the elements.
    3. Drag each question in the list into the desired order.
    4. Select Save.
  6. To edit each text or choice option, select the pencil button.
  7. Privacy notices are positioned above the submission button at the bottom of the form by default. Select the pencil button and enter your text, or choose an option from the Sample notice drop-down list.

    Note: the privacy notice should inform visitors why you are collecting the data, what you intend to do with the data and how long you will keep the data.

  8. When you have finished editing the form, select Done.
  9. To control notifications of submissions, email receipts, when the form is open, and so on, you now need to specify the form properties.

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