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SiteBuilder release notes

SiteBuilder 2.426 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.426 on Friday 22nd November 2019. In this version:

  • It's now possible to delete all submissions to a form that were received up to and including a specified date. To do this, view recent submissions and select the button 'Delete all before date'.
  • We changed online payment forms so that when a user makes a submission where there is nothing to pay, they are taken directly to the form's 'success page'. Previously, users were taken to the online payment service regardless.
  • We restored the ability to choose a time, as well as a date, when you set a news item to expire.
Tue 26 Nov 2019, 15:59

SiteBuilder 2.425 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.425 on Monday 18th November 2019. In this version:

  • We fixed the filters () available when viewing form submissions. The filter options were missing from the pop-up box that appears when you select a filter.
  • We made the date picker in forms easier to use when changing the month.
Wed 20 Nov 2019, 16:32

SiteBuilder 2.424 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.424 on Wednesday 13th November 2019. This version fixes a bug that was preventing certain calendar items from appearing in search results.

Fri 15 Nov 2019, 15:54

SiteBuilder 2.423 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.423 on Monday 11th November 2019. In this version we fixed a bug affecting the 'unsubscribe' link in email notifications of forum posts.

Thu 14 Nov 2019, 13:00

SiteBuilder 2.422 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.422 on Friday 18 October 2019. In this version we added a Researcher Profile page template to the standard options available when you create a new page. This page template draws its content from the IDEATE system.

Tue 29 Oct 2019, 16:38

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