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SiteBuilder release notes

SiteBuilder 2.375

We released SiteBuilder 2.375 on Wednesday, 20 December 2017. This release includes several bug fixes:

  • Including an edit comment when you publish a page using the visual editor works again.
  • Redirection from to now works for files.
  • You can continue to add permissions to form datasets.
Wed 20 December 2017, 13:08

SiteBuilder 2.374

We released SiteBuilder 2.374 on Wednesday, 22 November 2017. In this release:

  • we fixed a bug that prevented you from editing permissions on forwarding pages
  • we improved the layout of calendar event popovers
Wed 22 November 2017, 14:58

SiteBuilder 2.373

We released SiteBuilder 2.373 on Thursday, 16 November 2017. In this release:

  • we fixed a bug which prevented page commenting
  • we fixed a bug which affected copying sets of pages including news or calendar items
  • we made some performance improvements to back-end services
  • we made changes to support improved search indexing
Fri 17 November 2017, 08:05

SiteBuilder 2.372

We released SiteBuilder 2.372 on Tuesday, 7 November 2017. In this release:

  • clicking your name in the utility links now shows My Warwick in a popover
  • we fixed a bug that prevented you from amending the source URL of a content feed page when the source page has been deleted or moved
  • viewing a calendar scoped by term no longer throws an error
Tue 07 November 2017, 13:34

SiteBuilder 2.371

We released SiteBuilder 2.371 on Tuesday 17 October 2017. Previously, when a person viewed a password-protected page then restarted their web browser, they could still access the protected page. This SiteBuilder update fixes the issue, prompting the person to re-enter the password.

Tue 17 October 2017, 16:10

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