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SiteBuilder release notes

SiteBuilder 2.543 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.543 on Thursday 18th May 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented FontAwesome icons displaying properly on Forms pages.
  • Added the ability to group tags on News and Calendar pages.
  • Made the following changes and improvements to the Components Editor:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from adding a new line right at the top of a layout block.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a large number of buttons to overflow their container when arranged horizontally. If there are too many buttons to fit in the available space, they will now wrap onto a new line.
    • Added an option for Horizontal scroller components to Stretch items to the full height of the container. Selecting this option makes the scroller a constant height, instead of changing size based on the amount of content in the currently displayed items.
Mon 22 May 2023, 15:44

SiteBuilder 2.542 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.542 on Tuesday 9th May 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed a bug that sent users on resource bookings pages to a message stating "the page you requested could not be found" when using keyboard controls to navigate date pickers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent navigation on resource bookings pages after creating a booking in Day view.
  • Solved an issue that caused calendar event feeds to display incorrectly when set to show only the current day's events.
Thu 11 May 2023, 16:53

SiteBuilder 2.541 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.541 on Wednesday 26th April 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed display issues with the Horizontal scroller component when viewed on narrow screens, such as on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug that caused styles to apply to the wrong block when selecting a nested block from the component toolbar.
  • Added a text search option to the Item filter page template. This option is enabled by default, and can be changed in the page properties.
  • Added the option to have links from buttons open in a new window.
Fri 28 Apr 2023, 14:53

SiteBuilder 2.540 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.540 on Wednesday 19th April 2023. In this version, we:

  • Solved an issue that prevented users from scheduling changes to page properties.
  • Fixed a bug that created an empty file when downloading older form submissions.
  • Added a banner to the Edit section of pages on sites that are only using Universal Analytics for analytics data. This banner is to inform or remind users that Google is retiring Universal Analytics on July 1st, 2023. See our updated analytics guidance for more information.
  • Updated the confirmation message displayed when deleting a forwarding page to include the URLs for both the forwarding page and the target page.
  • Made the following updates and improvements to the Components Editor:
    • Fixed a bug that caused text in vertically-arranged buttons to ignore the selected alignment.
    • Added the option to assign custom CSS classes to image components.
Thu 20 Apr 2023, 14:58

SiteBuilder 2.539 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.539 on Monday 3rd April 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed an issue that caused News items to send notification emails when created, even when the option to Schedule for publication at a later date is selected. Notifications will now correctly be sent only when news items are published.
  • Made the following improvements to the Components Editor:
    • Added new options to Block layouts, enabling you to remove space between content blocks or have the block layout span the full width of the page. These options can be accessed by selecting Settings on the toolbar that appears when you select the block layout component.
    • Added the option to remove margins from the bottom of individual content blocks. This option is located in the block's Style menu.
Wed 05 Apr 2023, 15:19

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