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How do I expire a news item?

The option to expire a news story after a certain date or time. This can be done via the 'Create a news item' or 'Edit a news item' screens.

Care must be taken as once the item has been expired, it will be permanently deleted, although the ITS Web Team may be able to recover it from the database if need be.

If the news item was created with an additional child page for further detail, then the child page will also be deleted. If you need the child page to be saved, you could copy/move this to another section, such as a News Archive page before you delete the item's parent page. If you no longer need the page to be visible, you could hide it from the local navigation, either manually or with the scheduled change tool, and/or set the view permissions to change to restrict people from viewing the page either manually or with the scheduled change tool.

To make a news item expire:

  1. Go to your newspage.
  2. Locate the news item that you wish to edit and Select Edit this item, or Create a new item.

    When creating a new page, the expiry option is located near the bottom of the page, after the Create a new page with this detail field. If you are editing an existing item, the expiry option is located after the Detail and URL.

    News - news item expiry date

  3. Tick the checkbox to Expire news item after a certain date/time.
  4. The calendar tool will become visible. Set the date and time accordingly using the drop-down menus or calendar icon on the right.
  5. Complete any other information needed for the item.
  6. Select Save changes if a pre-existing item, or Create item if a new item.

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