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SiteBuilder data retention and security

All web pages, images, files and form submissions are stored in the SiteBuilder database. Files attached to form submissions are stored in object storage, an internal file storage service managed by IDG.

We also log activity on our web servers. Audit log files include the IP address of every computer used to access the Warwick website. We use the logs to help us analyse usage of the website and to satisfy audit requirements.

Data storage location

Every part of SiteBuilder is resilient and is stored in multiple data centres on the University of Warwick campus.

Backup frequency

  • Changes to object storage are persistent and resilient across multiple data centres on campus
  • The SiteBuilder database and audit logs are backed up nightly and remain on campus

SiteBuilder stores a maximum of 50 previous versions of each web page, which you can view or restore via page history. You can also ‘pin’ up to 40 versions – these remain in the page history regardless of the number of subsequent edits.

Data retention

Type Retention period
Access and application log files One year
Audit log files Indefinite
Object storage Indefinite
SiteBuilder database

Previous seven daily backups

Previous four weekly backups

Previous two monthly backups