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SiteBuilder release notes

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SiteBuilder 2.430 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.430 on Friday 13th March 2020. In this version:

  • A prototype 'page audit' tool, which checks for accessibility issues on your page, is now available in the visual editor toolbar. Automatic checkers are unable to detect all accessibility issues. You should therefore also refer to the accessibility checklist. In preparation for this tool, we addressed some accessibility issues in SiteBuilder.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented changes to the visual editor appearing for users in some cases. Previously, if a user's web browser had a cached version of the editor, this was displayed rather than the latest version.
  • When you insert an image or file into a page, the URL box now has a 'Find' button in place of the magnifying glass icon it had previously. You can use this button to find the image or file on the website you're editing, if it's already uploaded. Alternatively, you can use it to select an image or file on your computer to upload and insert in a single step.

Technical notes


  • [SBTWO-8964] - Ordering of topics within the FAQ page template is not being honoured
  • [SBTWO-9097] - Sitebuilder-specific accessibility issues
  • [SBTWO-9122] - Scaffold pages enforce alt tags for every image
  • [SBTWO-9130] - TinyMCE Accessibility plugin generates cross-origin errors
  • [SBTWO-9136] - Visual editor toolbar misaligned when editing right-hand content


  • [SBTWO-8817] - Make upload image / link to file from computer more obvious
  • [SBTWO-9037] - Fix caching of TinyMCE plugins/other related files
  • [SBTWO-9120] - Exclude history version URLs from being indexed
  • [SBTWO-9140] - Page audit plugin: add specific icons
  • [SBTWO-9141] - Accessibility audit plugin: update text

New Features

  • [SBTWO-8575] - TinyMCE5 - Create accessibility plugin


  • [SBTWO-9050] - Replace http in go.warwick confirmation email

Dev Sub-tasks

  • [SBTWO-9099] - Twitter feed fails accessibility tests
  • [SBTWO-9102] - Audio player buttons fail accessibility tests
  • [SBTWO-9105] - Forums pages fail multiple accessibility audits
  • [SBTWO-9106] - Tags on calendars/news fail accessibility checks
  • [SBTWO-9107] - Form pages fail accessibility audits
  • [SBTWO-9108] - Resource booking pages fail accessibility audits
  • [SBTWO-9109] - Glossary pages fail accessibility audits
  • [SBTWO-9110] - FAQ List (datalist view) pages fail accessibility audits
  • [SBTWO-9111] - Pull fixed bootstrap ID7 stuff through
  • [SBTWO-9112] - Podcast pages fail accessibility audits
  • [SBTWO-9113] - Sitemaps fail accessibility audits
  • [SBTWO-9114] - Contents list pages fail accessibility checks
  • [SBTWO-9115] - List of links datalist view fails accessibility checks
  • [SBTWO-9116] - Help popout buttons fail accessibility checks
  • [SBTWO-9118] - Notifications list page fails accessibility audits
Wed 18 Mar 2020, 16:35