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How to make a claim

Medical Claims

The policy covers medical emergencies only. In the event of a medical emergency whilst overseas you should contact:

Medical Emergency Helpline +44 (0)1243 621066 (quote policy (100782764GPA)

This helpline operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year and will provide assistance with arranging treatment, payment of hospital bills/doctor’s charges and emergency repatriation. It is important that you, or someone representing you, contact the Medical Emergency Helpline before you incur any substantial costs, since failure to do so may invalidate your claim under the University's business travel insurance policy.

All Other Claims

All reasonable precautions must be taken to avoid or minimise loss and to recover property.

All claims MUST be reported to the University’s Insurance Services Team within 50 calendar days of the occurrence/event for which you wish to make a claim for by submitting a Loss Report Form. Any Loss Report Forms received after this time may be declined and no payment will be made by our insurers. All claims are processed by the University of Warwick Insurance Services department, except for where the Medical Emergency Helpline is used.

Please use the Loss Report Form below and send this by email to

Travel Loss Report FormLink opens in a new window

The policy is a policy of reimbursement and all payments are made to the University unless the University gives express permission to the insurers to reimburse the claimant direct.

Supporting Documents

Aviva are likely to request the below supporting documents:

  • Evidence of travel dates for both outward and return journey (e.g. booking invoice, travel itinerary) for all claims


  • The amounts paid and date trip booked (e.g. booking invoice, travel itinerary)
  • Evidence that the trip has been cancelled and what, if any, refunds have been given (e.g. cancellation invoice, no show letter)
  • The reason for cancellation and any evidence relating to the cause of cancellation (e.g. letter from treating doctor, medical report, copy of FCO advice, cancellation details of event)


  • The amounts paid and date trip booked (e.g. booking invoice, travel itinerary)
  • Details of whether any refunds have been given (e.g. cancellation invoice)
  • The reason for curtailment and any evidence relating to the cause for the curtailment (e.g. letter from treating doctor, death certificate, letter from police, copy of FCO advice, cancellation details of event)
  • Receipts / invoices for any additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred as a result of the curtailment

Loss of Documents

  • Evidence that any theft or loss has been reported to the police or other corroborative evidence from an independent source (e.g tour operator’s report)
  • Receipts / invoices for additional costs incurred in obtaining temporary replacement travel documents

Personal Belongings

  • Any loss/theft must be reported to the police and a full report obtained. For loss/damage incurred whilst in the custody of the airline please supply a Property Irregularity Report (PIR)
  • For any loss/theft of personal belongings or loss/delayed luggage whilst in the custody of the airline - you should submit a claim directly to the airline in the first instance.
  • Written confirmation that no other insurance policy covers the event (e.g. your own travel insurance, household insurance, private medical insurance, bank account insurance, mobile phone contract/insurance)