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Visitor regulations

The following are the terms of the contract between visitor/staff member (you) and Warwick Accommodation (us).

  1. Your responsibilities
    When you make a booking, you agree to pay all the charges for accommodation, as stated at the time of booking.
    You may not transfer your rights under this contract to any other person or organisation
  2. Paying for your Accommodation
    You must pay online at the time of booking for the duration of your stay
  3. Altering and cancelling a booking
    If you wish to alter your booking please give at least 24 hours notice and advise Warwick Accommodation by email or in person at Rootes Reception, Warwick Accommodation Rootes Social Building
  4. Extending your booking
    You should contact Warwick Accommodation if you wish to amend your accommodation booking. We will use our best efforts to accommodate your request, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your requirement
  5. Changes or cancellations by us because of events beyond our control
    We have the right to alter or cancel any booking that we cannot keep for reasons beyond our control. If this happens, we will use all reasonable efforts to offer you an alternative. We cannot accept responsibility if we cannot provide accommodation because of industrial action or any other cause which was beyond our control, as long as we could not have avoided the effects by taking reasonable steps
  6. Changes to room allocations
    To meet the needs of as many customers as possible, we may alter the residential accommodation allocated to you. There will be no extra charge to you if we change your room allocations
  7. Arrival and departure times
    Bedrooms will be available from 3.00pm on the day you arrive and you must have vacated by 10.00am on the day you are leaving, unless you arrange otherwise with Warwick Accommodation. We will charge you for extra nights incurred if you do not leave your room on time
  8. Animals and pets
    Please note that no animals or pets of any kind, except guide dogs for the blind, are allowed on University premises
  9. Behaviour on our premises
    You must make sure that you, or anyone visiting you at the University, behave in such a way that they do not cause a nuisance or unreasonable disruption to the University, its members or employees, or to any other visitor to the University
    You agree that you, and anyone visiting you at the University will obey the University ordinances, regulations and rules, in particular:
    Ordinance 18 and Regulation 27 on parking and traffic
    Ordinance 19, Regulation 28 and the rules contained in the publication 'Safety in the University'; and
    Regulation 31 on meetings and so on, held on University premises
    We will supply copies of these ordinances, regulations and rules if you request them; alternatively they can be viewed by clicking here.
    You agree to pay the University for any loss or liability of any kind to any person which results from you, or any person visiting you at the University failing to obey any University Ordinance, Regulation or Rule
    You should make sure that you are fully insured against all losses or liabilities referred to in this clause. We can supply information about insurance if you request it.
    We reserve the right to refuse any booking and refund any monies you have paid
  10. Using the University's name without permission
    You may not use:
    the name 'University of Warwick'
    the University's crest
    the name or logo of any of the University's departments or institutes
    or any photographs of any part of the University; without written permission from Warwick Accommodation