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The table shows the number of applications, offers made and acceptances for new entrants in each academic year. New entrants are determined based on the snapshot data taken from the University of Warwick’s student records system (SITS) on the 31st of October in each academic year. The data is updated by mid-November every year following the snapshot, and then again in February, May and August. Students on joint courses are included within the home department for their programme. "Postgraduate" includes applicants for both Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research level study.

Included in the data are applicants for all undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research courses, studying either full-time or part-time. Key exclusions are those on validated courses, non-credit bearing provision, visiting and exchange students, those studying on the International Foundation Programme, or those registered on Certificates or Postgraduate Awards.

Interacting with data

Tabs have several filter options that allow you to display the data you are interested in. Select the options you want from the filters. You can select multiple filters at the same time. If the display is empty, it is likely that your filter choices return no information.

All data points have a tooltip. If you hover your mouse over the value in the table or data point on the chart, you will see information about that data point.

Resetting the view

After performing several filter operations, you may wish to undo or reset the view to its original state. Click on the relevant buttons at the bottom of the dashboard to do this.

Downloading the view

You can download any view as an image, a PDF document or a PowerPoint slide by clicking on the "Download" button at the bottom of the dashboard.

Sharing the view

You can share the current view via e-mail by selecting the "Share" button at the bottom of the dashboard, and inputting the e-mail address of your intended recipient.