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New Developments

You may have noticed some new developments following the release of the final teaching timetable. We have created a new Timetable and Web Room Bookings portal ( where users can access:

  • Web Room Bookings
  • Timetable Reports

The new Timetable Reports system is a replacement for the previous reporting system with notable improvements:

  • All previous reports that were in a grid format (Programmes, Modules, Staff, Locations) can now also be displayed as a list format. To do this, on “select type of report” select List Timetable from the drop down menu instead of Grid Timetable.
  • In addition to this, some of our reports now offer extra formats following user requests. The Programme report now offers an additional format "grid timetable with no staff". Staff and Student timetables offer an additional format "grid timetable with staff names".
  • There is a new report called “Students” now available (this report is restricted access to teaching timetable representatives only but if you have any other staff that would like to access this just let us know). Via this report you can view your students’ timetables personalised lecture timetables. Students will manage their module choices and view their timetables via start.warwick and the My Warwick Admin Systems gadget.
  • The Activity List shows all activities linked to your department in one alphabetical list.
  • The Departments report shows all activities linked to your department and this had added functionality which allows this data to be displayed by week, day, time and via grid or list report.

We have worked with IT Services and made it easier to book ITServices PC work areas online (bookable by staff).

We hope you find these developments useful. If you have any feedback please contact Celia Patel ( or Rob McClean (