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Alternative Venues

Alternative venues are available around the University, offering more appropriate accommodation for specialist events. Centrally-timetabled spaces may also be suitable for these events/types of activity if availability in the below venues is limited.

Performance/Dance/Music Contact details (please note that charges may apply)

B2.01, B2.02, B2.03, B2.04/5 on the Science Concourse.



Although teaching rooms, these rooms are available to use for non-standard activities eg Dance, Drama etc.

To be booked normally through the Web Room Booking system. Rooms only available for performance activities after 19.00 Monday to Friday and weekends (term time only)

Westwood Music Rooms 1, 2 and3

To be booked normally through the Web Room Booking system

Avon Drama Studio and the Westwood Dance Studio

These spaces are available for use for Dance, Drama etc. To be booked normally through the Web Room Booking system. Capacity 60.

Flexi Grid (Rootes Restaurant)

For society use, email the Students' Union . In use as study space term 1 21/22.

Copper Rooms 1 and 2 (Students' Union)


Sports Centre - Activity Room, Aerobics Studio, Sports Pavillion Room, Westwood Games Hall and others


Ensemble Room (Music Centre - Main site) Visit
G55 Millburn House IATL Studio Contact or book online t.b.a.
G53 Millburn House Theatre Studio Contact
Studio Space (Faculty of Arts Building) t.b.a.
Create Space (Warwick Business School) Contact - booking conditions (pdf)
Chaplaincy Chaplaincy, ext. 23519
Arts Centre Venues Visit
General-Purpose Rooms

Atrium/Membership Room (Students' Union)

The Street (Zeeman Building) Contact ugmaths at warwick dot ac dot uk or Harry Hewer Harry dot Hewer at warwick dot ac dot uk
Computer Rooms (IT Services) See Open Access Work Areas. Staff can book Computer Rooms through Web Room Bookings for teaching purposes.
Cowling Room (Social Sciences) Contact FSS secretary at
Physics Concourse Contact

Medical School Atrium


Experimental Teaching Room

Contact Library or visit

Post-Graduate Spaces
Wolfson Research Exchange Email, or visit
Post Grad Hub Email, call ext. 51956, or visit to view availability
Grad Deck Visit
Meeting Rooms/Study Spaces
The Teaching Grid (Library) Visit
Committee Meeting Rooms/Atrium - University House Visit to book directly, email, or call ext. 22708
Learning Grid - BioMed Grid/University House/Rootes Building/Leamington Town Hall Visit
Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Teaching, Events and Barbecues

Visit :