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Rooms and Spaces

Centrally Timetabled Rooms

The Central Timetabling Team processes bookings for approximately 130 rooms around campus during term time.

If you're unfamiliar with our rooms, you can see images or search by capacity or facilities.

You can book a room using the 'Book a Room' link. Please note that some rooms may not be available during vacation times. A list of those that are available can be found here.

Performance Rooms / Alternative Spaces

Dance, drama, music performance or rehearsal and any other activity where the noise levels are likely to exceed that of a 'normal' teaching session, are only permitted in alternative venues and some Centrally Timetabled rooms. Other venues are available around the University, offering more appropriate locations for specialist events. Some are centrally timetabled others are available to book via Departments.

When booking a Centrally Timetabled performance room through the WRB system see the 'Book a Room' link you MUST select 'rehearsal room' from the drop down list of requirements. For local rooms contact the Department or nominated person.

Communal/Foyer space in The Oculus

Some of the spaces outside the teaching rooms in the Oculus can be booked for Food and Drink or Display Boards at certain times throughout the week/year.

For full details, please use this link

Rooms Available During Vacation

During vacation, the Central Timetabling Office only controls some of the normal rooms.

Unless otherwise specified, rooms available 9 AM - 10 PM every day.

Full list of rooms

To book all other Centrally Timetabled Rooms during the vacation period contact Warwick Conferences on 23222

Open Access Work Areas

IT Services computer work areas are available across Gibbett Hill, Westwood and main campuses. All students and staff can use work areas (you'll need your University card to access most of them). Staff can book some work areas for teaching.

Open access work areas and their locations

Work area FAQs