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Timetable Policy

Central Teaching Timetable Policy

  • Teaching day/week

The Senate, at its meeting on 14 March 2001, approved the extension of the standard teaching day to 7pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and 6pm on Fridays. This was introduced in reponse to the recent increases in student numbers and the impact on demand for teaching rooms, particularly large lecture theatres.

Wednesday afternoons (1 pm onwards) should be kept free from undergraduate teaching, unless authorised by department heads, for sports and society events.

Section 4.2 of the Timetable Policy reads - Teaching sessions commence at five minutes past the hour and finish five minutes to the hour to allow time for changeover and travelling

  • Timetable Construction

The timetable should be carried over to the following year and change requests should be forwarded to the relevant departmental timetabling representatives. You can check if your requests have been successful either via your timetabling representative. You need to allow time for the timetable returns to be processed and check the releases of the timetable during the construction process (see below for release dates). NB the timetable is likely to change from release to release and rooms are not guaranteed until the final timetable release.

Bookings for Departmental Open Days after 1pm on Wednesdays may be requested as part of the construction process. Due to demand for teaching space, Open Day bookings for all other times will not be made until all teaching bookings have been finalised. Open Day booking requests should be sent to Robert McClean, Central Timetabling Office. These will be prioritised before adhoc bookings.

Whilst under construction the timetable has a number of releases on certain dates.

Any activities requiring specific timetabling (AV requirements, disability needs etc) should be brought to our attention as soon as possible during the teaching timetable construction.

  • Teaching rooms

Teaching rooms are initially allocated on a 'best fit' basis, therefore it is extremely important that accurate group sizes are given early in the construction process. Where specific room/s are requested we will try to accommodate this but have to take into consideration the needs of all requests and also consider constraints such as 'best fit' and facilities in room/s and will therefore schedule into an alternative room/s if necessary. Allocated rooms cannot be confirmed until the final release of the teaching timetable (September).

There is no distinction to be made between the 3 sites across the University (Mainsite, Westwood or Gibbet Hill).

Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed in any of the centrally timetabled rooms. Scheduled activities should not cause a disturbance to anyone else. Rooms should be left clean and tidy and in a teaching room style (in rows) after use.

All users of centrally timetable rooms are required to abide by University Regulation 29 covering meetings etc. on University premises.

  • Adherence to the published timetable, and cancellations

Academic staff have an individual responsibility to -

1. adhere to the latest version of the published timetable. You can check all of your bookings for your department by selecting activities, activities by dept, select your dept and display activities.

2. keep departmental timetabling representatives up to date regarding the cancellation of slots and to report to them any problems relating to their timetable or the teaching rooms they use.

  • Notifying Students of Cancelled Sessions

In the event that a teaching session needs to be cancelled due to sickness or other reasons, the following process should be followed:

1. Notify each individual student

- Email notifications can be sent using Tabula or the Mass MailLink opens in a new window service provided by IT Services.

- Notifications can also be sent using the My Warwick app

2. Unallocate students from activity so it is not displayed on personalised timetables

- For lecture (whole group) activities contact central timetabling

- For small group activities, this is done by departmental timetabling reps or other departmental users of Tabula