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Student Timetable

IMPORTANT: It will take upto 24hrs after module registration for your Lectures to appear in your timetable. If your Dept is not listed as using Tabula for the delivery of the timetables please contact the Dept Student Office for details of where to find your timetable.

Department Undergraduate Taught Postgraduate
Chemistry Tabula Tabula
Centre for Lifelong Learning Tabula Tabula
Computer Science Tabula Tabula
Classics Tabula Tabula
Centre for Scientific Computing N/A ?
Economics Tabula Tabula
English and Comparative Studies Tabula Tabula
Centre for Teacher Education Tabula N/A
Centre for Education Studies Tabula Tabula
Engineering Tabula Tabula
Centre for Applied Linguistics Tabula Tabula
Film Studies Tabula Tabula
French Studies Tabula Dept Office
German Studies Tabula Dept Office
Global Sustainable Development Tabula N/A
Hispanic Studies Tabula Dept Office
History of Art Tabula ?
History Tabula Tabula
Warwick Business School my.wbs my.wbs
Centre for Interdisciplinary Methdologies Tabula Tabula
IATL Tabula Tabula
Italian Tabula Dept Office
Law Tabula Tabula via SGT
Liberal Arts Tabula N/A
Life Sciences Tabula Tabula
Language Centre Tabula N/A
Mathematics Tabula Tabula
Warwick Medical School N/A

MBChB Tabula/Moodle

PGT Moodle

Philosophy Tabula Tabula
Politics and International Studies Tabula Tabula
Psychology Tabula Tabula
Physics Tabula ?
Sociology Tabula Tabula
Statistics Tabula Tabula
Theatre Studies Tabula N/A (until 20/21)
Theatre Studies - Centre for Cultural & Media Policy Studies N/A Dept Office

Your Personalised Tabula Timetable - more information on how to view your timetable.