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List of Department Representatives and their Local Rooms

BS Biological Sciences D1.41 60 Biological Sciences Dr K Flint (LSSBAJ) 23180
D1.37 24 Biological Sciences
B0.07 45 Biological Sciences
B0.02 60 Biological Sciences
E1.03 40 Biological Sciences
E1.09/10 110 Biological Sciences
E18 160 Biological Sciences
CC Careers n/a n/a n/a Mrs E Rogers (CYSAC) 24334
ET CELTE A0.14 40 Social Sciences Mrs C Perrins (ELSEW) 24315
S1.71 18 Social Sciences
S2.85 12 Social Sciences
AP Centre for Academic Practice n/a n/a n/a Mrs V Bentick (PLSAM) 24698
CEI Centre for Education and Industry WE0.40 20 Westwood Continuing Education (Lifelong Learning) Mrs Ann Law (EISAAB) 23909
CLL-OS Centre for Lifelong Learning (Open Studies) n/a n/a n/a Ms Brenda Wilson (CESBG) 24149
CLL-UG Centre for Lifelong Learning (Undergraduate Office) Pigeon Loft 20 Westwood Continuing Education (Lifelong Learning) Ms Brenda Wilson (CESBG) 24617
CY Centre for Scientific Computing PS0.16F 20 Physics Ms Chris Jarvis (CCSBAB) 74111
CSDE Centre for Student Development and Enterprise (CSDE) n/a n/a n/a Nathalie King (CFSHAH) 50199
CH/PX Chemistry MAS2.02 10 Materials and Analytical Sciences Physics Office 23965
    MAS2.03 10 Materials and Analytical Sciences Chemistry Office 23653
    MAS2.04 10 Materials and Analytical Sciences    
    MAS2.05 10 Materials and Analytical Sciences    
    MAS2.06 24 Materials and Analytical Sciences    
CX Classics H2.04 15 Humanities Building Mr Stanley Ireland (CLRAL) 22069
CS Computer Science CS0.01 45 Computer Science Mrs J Pinks (CSSCAN) 23668
CS0.03 100 Computer Science
CS1.01 30 Computer Science
CS1.02 30 Computer Science
CS1.04 60 Computer Science
CS1.05 20 Computer Science
CSGR Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation S1.50 16 Social Sciences Tina Davies (POSEAV) 72533
EC Economics S2.127 20 Social Sciences Mrs K Taylor (ECSDAO) 23276
S2.79 50 Social Sciences
S2.80 12 Social Sciences
S2.81a 15 Social Sciences
S2.86 15 Social Sciences
ES Engineering Please contact dept for details n/a n/a Dr B Burrows (ESSND) 23610
    H4.01 15 Humanities Building Miss Heather Pilbin 24928
H4.16 15 Humanities Building
H5.01 15 Humanities Building
H5.02 15 Humanities Building
H5.07 15 Humanities Building
H5.42 15 Humanities Building
H5.43 15 Humanities Building
ESRC Essential Skills Resource Centre n/a n/a n/a Sue Fellows (CESAEP) 74557
FI Film and TV Studies A0.26 30 Millburn House Tracey McVey (FSSAV) 23511
A0.28 50 Millburn House
A1.28 30 Millburn House
FR French Studies H0.73b 12 Humanities Building Sharon Murray (FRSGAB) 50418
H4.43 20 Humanities Building
H4.44 35 Humanities Building
GE German Studies H2.02 27 Humanities Building Ms M Lucas (GSSRAB) 24419
HI History H0.05 12 Humanities Building Mrs J Noonan (HYRBS) 22080
H3.03 20 Humanities Building
H3.05 16 Humanities Building
HA History of Art F25a 48 Millburn House Julia Brown (HASAT) 23005
F37 16 Millburn House
IE Institute of Education Multimedia lab 1 20 IT Services Anne Packwood (EDSCBC) 22175
Multimedia lab 2 20 IT Services
Dramahall 50 Avon Building
WT0.04 36 Westwood Teaching Centre
WT0.06 36 Westwood Teaching Centre
WT1.03 35 Westwood Teaching Centre
WT1.06 35 Westwood Teaching Centre
IT Italian H4.03 35 Humanities Building Mrs Harpal Singh (ITSTAB) 24126
LL Language Centre H0.10 6 Humanities Building Mr P Parker (LCRAC) 24147
H0.12 6 Humanities Building
H0.61 24 Humanities Building
H0.62 21 Humanities Building
H0.64 30 Humanities Building
H0.65 12 Humanities Building
H0.66 24 Humanities Building
H0.71A 15 Humanities Building
H0.71C 10 Humanities Building
LA (PG) Law (PG) n/a n/a n/a Sara Prestleton (LASFAR) 23079
LA (UG) Law (UG) S0.52 18 Social Sciences Lesley Morris (LASBN) 23495
S2.11 20 Social Sciences
S2.12 20 Social Sciences
MD Leicester Warwick Medical School Please contact dept for details     Ms Ann Davies (MDSDBF) 73813
MA Mathematics       Ms Karen McKinley (MASIAE) 23870
B1.01 30 Zeeman Building
B3.01 24 Zeeman Building
B3.02 56 Zeeman Building
PH Philosophy S2.71 20 Social Sciences tba  
PX Physics P3.45 20 Physics    
P5.20a 40 Physics    
P5.20b 40 Physics    
P5.21a 40 Physics    
P5.21b 40 Physics    
P5.64 40 Physics    
PS0.17a 25 Physics Dr M Hadley (PHSEM) 24263
PO Politics and International Studies n/a n/a n/a Ms Jackie Smith (POSCS) 73167
PS Psychology H0.95a 20 Humanities Building Ms Molly Rogers (PSSDAO) 23189
H0.95c 20 Humanities Building
RE Race and Ethnic Relations (Centre for Research in) S0.52 20 Social Sciences Mrs Caroline Oakman (ERSAE) 24869
AS School of Health and Social Studies S0.71 12 Social Sciences Sharon McGaldrigan (ASSXAC) 24922
S0.76 6 Social Sciences
S0.52 15 Social Sciences
S0.56 8 Social Sciences
S0.98 20 Social Sciences
SO Sociology R3.25 20 Ramphal Building Ms Jacquie Armer (SYSGAN) 75127
ST Statistics A1.01 50 Zeeman Building Mrs Paula Matthews (STSYAB) 24553
C1.06 20 Zeeman Building
TH Theatre Studies G56 35 Millburn House Kate Brennan (TSRAJ) 23020
IB (PG) Warwick Business School (PG) Please contact dept for details     Ms Abby Kendrick (BSSHBZ) 24536
IB (UG) Warwick Business School (UG) Please contact dept for details     Ms Julia Engwell (BSSIAJ) 74669
WSC Warwick Skills Certificate (WSC) n/a n/a n/a Ms Sarah Shute (AOSGAQ) 74957