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Guide to Booking Local Rooms

Booking Local Rooms

Who can book local rooms?

  • Only designated users within departments can book their departments local rooms.
  • Departmental Timetabling Representatives are automatically given permissions to book their departments local rooms.
  • If another member of your department wishes to be given permission to book your local rooms, please email their name and IT services login to

How do I book local rooms?

  • Local rooms can be booked in the same way as Centrally Timetabled Rooms, using the Web Room Bookings system.
  • Put in the details of the day and time you wish to book the room.
  • The next page will display the available rooms including the local room/s you have permission to book.

Checking your local room bookings

To check your local room bookings using our online timetable system follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Timetable Viewing Platform
  • Sign in using your IT Services login code and password (the same details you would use to sign into Insite)
  • On the left hand sign of the screen you will see a link entitled "Activity List". Click on this.
  • From this page, select the department you wish to view from the scroll box, and click "View Timetable"
  • Your booking will appear in this list as an adhoc booking, which are all prefixed with X, eg X.(your department code).(your initials) ie. if George Clooney had made a booking in a local room controlled by Film and Television Studies his booking would appear as "X.FI.GC.000001" with an incremental number).
  • If you have made a booking on our online system you can check your bookings via the "my bookings" within it. If you subsequently wish to cancel it you can do so via the "my bookings" option within the online booking system or alternately email

Printing a timetable showing the bookings in your local room

  • Go to Timetable Viewing Platform.
  • Sign in using your IT Services login code and password (the same details you would use to sign into Insite)
  • On the left hand side of the screen select "Locations"
  • Select the local room whose timetable you wish to view by scrolling down the list in the box labelled "Select Room(s)" (all local rooms are prefixed with the department code), or alternatively search for the department code in the "Filter" field to view all local rooms for that department.
  • Select the week range, days, times and type of report (grid, list) you wish to view, then click "View Timetable".
  • The timetable for your local room should now be displayed and ready to print. You can print these and display them outside your local room/s or refer other departmental members to this facility online.