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Booking a Central Teaching Room

Before you book please note that:

  • The web room booking system (WRB) is mainly used for adhoc bookings. Bookings made via the adhoc booking system are not normally carried over to the next academic year's timetable and will be deleted automatically.

Teaching Requests

Teaching requests made via the WRB system must include the module code including details of the type of activity (lecture (state if LEC or LEC ALLOCATE IN TABULA), seminar, practical etc.) e.g. CH161S and where applicable the lecturer's name.

If you are making a booking in locally controlled room for teaching which needs to be linked to a module please email in addition to making the online request as local room booking requests go through automatically and do not require approval.

Teaching requests are also able to be made via email /telephone ext 51203/24424.

  • Room capacity - when entering your group size via the online booking system please be aware that the system will only show rooms within a certain tolerance (up to 1.5 times the group size you enter) e.g. if you enter size 10, rooms of size up to 15 only appear, nothing larger. If you enter the size you require and nothing is available it is always worth increasing your size to see if any larger rooms are free.
  • No food or drink is allowed in Centrally Timetabled Rooms. If we suspect you of consuming food or drink in Centrally Timetabled Rooms we will be forced to take action, including withdrawing your booking rights.
  • Terms and conditions of room usage must be adhered to at all times.
  • There is a mandatory question "What will you be using the room for?" on the final confirmation page. You should also specify the Student Society name here if you are booking for a Society meeting.
  • If you wish to put a reference on your booking, specify this in the "Meaningful Reference" section on page 3 of the online form (limit of 35 characters). This reference will then be viewable both in the comments section of the department report and activity list and on the room timetable report the booking is scheduled into (all reports available at Timetabling Reports Home).

  • We require at least 1 clear working day's notice to process bookings. i.e if you wish to book a room on a Monday, you will have to submit the booking by 3pm on the previous Thursday. Dedicated as we are, we do not work at weekends!
  • The provisional booking request email does in no way guarantee that the room/s is booked. We will schedule requests during usual working hours (none will be scheduled during evenings and weekends) and the resulting confirmation email confirms the room/s booked. Please ensure you wait for this final confirmation email.
  • All student requests must be submitted via the adhoc booking system and students must give reason for booking on page 3 of the online form.
  • Requests for student society bookings should be made by one designated representative per society (and have a deputy representative assigned in case of illness, etc), thereby eliminating numerous bookings made by different society members for the same event.
  • If your booking is for a rehearsal (drama, music, dance etc) see alternative venues link. Or if looking to book a centrally timetable space you should select the "suitable for performance" option from the suitabillities/facilities drop down list on the first page and also give information in the "other information, reason for booking" section on page 3, stating "performance room required"
  • The individual who books the room must take a copy of the final confirmation email/booking reference to the room with them in case of Security colleagues' room checks.
  • See also University Reg. 29: Regulations covering Meetings etc. on University Premises.